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DIANA-microT-CDS has been updated to Ensembl version 69 and miRBase version 18. Additionally, it currently hosts miRNA target predictions for Homo sapiens, Mus musculus, Drosophila melanogaster and Caenorhabditis elegans. The new and improved web interface can be accessed through here.


DIANA - microT-CDS

22/07/2012: DIANA-microT-CDS has been updated to host microRNA targets from both human and mouse genomes. Since the database is up to date with miRBase v18, users are strongly advised to apply miRBase's newly introduced microRNA nomeclature in the search field.
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Results for miRNA mmu-miR-375-3p ( threshold:0.41 | kegg filter off | 5336 genes found)moreshow

microRNAGenemiTG Score
1mmu-miR-375-3pELAVL4 (ENSMUSG00000028546)0.999979show
2mmu-miR-375-3p2700046A07RIK (ENSMUSG00000041789)0.999822show
3mmu-miR-375-3pSLC16A2 (ENSMUSG00000033965)0.999456show
4mmu-miR-375-3pCACNG2 (ENSMUSG00000019146)0.996814show
5mmu-miR-375-3pRB1CC1 (ENSMUSG00000025907)0.990111show
6mmu-miR-375-3pDIP2C (ENSMUSG00000048264)0.985791show
7mmu-miR-375-3pZFP462 (ENSMUSG00000060206)0.978216show
8mmu-miR-375-3pF10 (ENSMUSG00000031444)0.97815show
9mmu-miR-375-3pCHSY1 (ENSMUSG00000032640)0.974776show
10mmu-miR-375-3p4932411N23RIK (ENSMUSG00000058670)0.970605show
11mmu-miR-375-3pADAM5 (ENSMUSG00000031554)0.964085show
12mmu-miR-375-3p1700049E17RIK1 (ENSMUSG00000079271)0.963738show
13mmu-miR-375-3pZFHX3 (ENSMUSG00000038872)0.961888show
14mmu-miR-375-3pPRMT2 (ENSMUSG00000020230)0.959459show
15mmu-miR-375-3pGRIP1 (ENSMUSG00000034813)0.954762show