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  Vergoulis, T. I. Vlachos, P. Alexiou, G. Georgakilas, M. Maragkakis, M. Reczko, S. Gerangelos, N. Koziris, T. Dalamagas, AG Hatzigeorgiou; Tarbase 6.0: Capturing the Exponential Growth of miRNA Targets with Experimental Support. Nucl. Acids Res. (2012) 40 (D1): D222-D229. doi: 10.1093/nar/gkr1161


DIANA-TarBase has been extensively updated and is considered the largest manually curated database hosting more than 60,000 experimentally verified miRNA gene interactions. The new and improved web interface of DIANA-TarBase v6 can be accessed through here.

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Gene name

miRNA name


Pred. score

1Rsbn1l (Mus musculus)mmu-miR-324-3p         - show
2Zfp592 (Mus musculus)mmu-miR-324-3p         0.411 show
3Nup50 (Mus musculus)mmu-miR-324-3p         - show
4Gats (Mus musculus)mmu-miR-324-3p         - show
5Tsc1 (Mus musculus)mmu-miR-324-3p         - show
6Mapk14 (Mus musculus)mmu-miR-324-3p         - show
7Gfod1 (Mus musculus)mmu-miR-324-3p         - show
8Rab3c (Mus musculus)mmu-miR-324-3p         - show
9Mkrn2 (Mus musculus)mmu-miR-324-3p         - show
10Pols (Mus musculus)mmu-miR-324-3p         - show
11Mtch1 (Mus musculus)mmu-miR-324-3p         - show
12Ulk1 (Mus musculus)mmu-miR-324-3p         - show
13Myo18a (Mus musculus)mmu-miR-324-3p         - show
14Pip4k2b (Mus musculus)mmu-miR-324-3p         - show
15Hpcal4 (Mus musculus)mmu-miR-324-3p         0.215 show
16Syt11 (Mus musculus)mmu-miR-324-3p         - show
17Myt1 (Mus musculus)mmu-miR-324-3p         - show
18Lrp3 (Mus musculus)mmu-miR-324-3p         0.351 show
19Skil (Mus musculus)mmu-miR-324-3p         - show
20Bmpr1a (Mus musculus)mmu-miR-324-3p         - show
21Nos1 (Mus musculus)mmu-miR-324-3p         0.464 show
22Ppm1f (Mus musculus)mmu-miR-324-3p         - show
23Tmod2 (Mus musculus)mmu-miR-324-3p         - show
24Nudcd3 (Mus musculus)mmu-miR-324-3p         - show
25Ccnjl (Mus musculus)mmu-miR-324-3p         - show
26L1cam (Mus musculus)mmu-miR-324-3p         0.375 show
27Smg7 (Mus musculus)mmu-miR-324-3p         0.228 show
28Odz4 (Mus musculus)mmu-miR-324-3p         - show
29Stx16 (Mus musculus)mmu-miR-324-3p         - show
30Ap2b1 (Mus musculus)mmu-miR-324-3p         - show
31Dkk3 (Mus musculus)mmu-miR-324-3p         - show
32Nedd4 (Mus musculus)mmu-miR-324-3p         - show
33Ank2 (Mus musculus)mmu-miR-324-3p         0.229 show
34Cpeb2 (Mus musculus)mmu-miR-324-3p         - show
35Gria2 (Mus musculus)mmu-miR-324-3p         0.228 show
36Lpgat1 (Mus musculus)mmu-miR-324-3p         - show
37Hadha (Mus musculus)mmu-miR-324-3p         0.345 show
38Abl2 (Mus musculus)mmu-miR-324-3p         0.354 show
39Psd3 (Mus musculus)mmu-miR-324-3p         0.205 show
40Pds5b (Mus musculus)mmu-miR-324-3p         0.202 show
41Zfp148 (Mus musculus)mmu-miR-324-3p         - show
42Nme1 (Mus musculus)mmu-miR-324-3p         - show
43Rnf44 (Mus musculus)mmu-miR-324-3p         0.204 show
44Adam10 (Mus musculus)mmu-miR-324-3p         - show
45Gigyf2 (Mus musculus)mmu-miR-324-3p         0.248 show
46Smarca4 (Mus musculus)mmu-miR-324-3p         - show
47Lrrc57 (Mus musculus)mmu-miR-324-3p         - show
48Nploc4 (Mus musculus)mmu-miR-324-3p         0.318 show
49Dnajc5 (Mus musculus)mmu-miR-324-3p         0.207 show
50Ywhag (Mus musculus)mmu-miR-324-3p         - show
51Slc43a2 (Mus musculus)mmu-miR-324-3p         - show
52Atrn (Mus musculus)mmu-miR-324-3p         0.352 show
53Reep5 (Mus musculus)mmu-miR-324-3p         - show
54AC125145.3-1 (Mus musculus)mmu-miR-324-3p         - show
55Adcy5 (Mus musculus)mmu-miR-324-3p         0.228 show
56Klhdc10 (Mus musculus)mmu-miR-324-3p         0.442 show
57Syncrip (Mus musculus)mmu-miR-324-3p         0.452 show
58Fndc5 (Mus musculus)mmu-miR-324-3p         0.211 show
59Gda (Mus musculus)mmu-miR-324-3p         - show
60D5Wsu178e (Mus musculus)mmu-miR-324-3p         0.217 show
61Ttyh3 (Mus musculus)mmu-miR-324-3p         - show
62Wasf2 (Mus musculus)mmu-miR-324-3p         0.454 show
63Slc6a6 (Mus musculus)mmu-miR-324-3p         - show
64Wdr85 (Mus musculus)mmu-miR-324-3p         - show
65Map2k1 (Mus musculus)mmu-miR-324-3p         0.404 show
66Slc12a7 (Mus musculus)mmu-miR-324-3p         - show
67Rogdi (Mus musculus)mmu-miR-324-3p         - show
68Cacna2d3 (Mus musculus)mmu-miR-324-3p         0.363 show
692810407C02Rik (Mus musculus)mmu-miR-324-3p         - show
70C030011O14Rik (Mus musculus)mmu-miR-324-3p         - show
71Mdn1 (Mus musculus)mmu-miR-324-3p         0.231 show
72Rbm39 (Mus musculus)mmu-miR-324-3p         0.221 show
73D12Ertd551e (Mus musculus)mmu-miR-324-3p         - show
74Zmiz1 (Mus musculus)mmu-miR-324-3p         0.222 show
75Tmem109 (Mus musculus)mmu-miR-324-3p         - show
76Rap1gap (Mus musculus)mmu-miR-324-3p         0.206 show
77Gfap (Mus musculus)mmu-miR-324-3p         - show
78Rit1 (Mus musculus)mmu-miR-324-3p         0.230 show